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Vicki Frederick, Chairman

Schimeon A. Frederick, Director

Vicki Frederick and Schimeon A. Frederick Sr. (Husband, Disabled Veteran)

Both of whom are community elderly advocates and entrepreneurs. Ms. Frederick has served to be a firm advocate for those without a voice, often including, the elderly and children. This was the premise for the formation of the Urban Rascals Global Foundation and its programs.


Urban Rascals Global Foundation - is long-standing in promoting young talent. Our movies, music, and books demonstrate our passion to carry our artist’s vision from dream to reality. Our organization expands creative minds, break social barriers and feeds the imagination.  This gives our audience the opportunity to exercise their minds in ways they never thought possible. 

For more than twenty years, Ms. Frederick has proven she’s one of the topmost intuitive Public Relations Agents’ from artist and series development, and theater producer. Ms. Frederick also cast talent for extras in Law & Order, Equalizer, and several commercials. As a mentor, she embodies what it truly means to be a public relations agent. Ms. Frederick first exploded in the entertainment industry managing her three children. The industry didn't only recognize her for her talents but for her strong family bond with her husband, Schimeon a disable veteran, married for forty-six years. They have three children, seven grandchildren, and two great grand-child.

A few years in the entertainment biz, professionals then noticed a hidden talent she had and began to hire her to manage other artists with similar talents. Vicki’s reputation quickly earned her the title of one of the east coast's most recognizable talent mangers. After conquering the Industry as a talent manager, she set her sights public relations, and built a large network and leveraged it to propel her talent, to the next level. While dazzling the scene with her public relations magic, Ms. Frederick bridged the gap between the entertainment industry and other businesses like Global Energy Solutions, Dolly Alejandro, Community Advocate.


Ms. Frederick has dedicated more than twenty years as a public relations agent in the entertainment industry and now serves in the same position with the Urban Rascals Global Foundation, a charitable organization that allows children and teens to find themselves within the entertainment industry.


Frederick Family

Ms. Frederick is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, recognized for her contribution to family, career, and community. Looking ahead, she plans to expand the Urban Rascals Global Foundation and provide positive messages to children of all backgrounds. “I want to be remembered as a strong, persistent woman who tried to help others even if there were obstacles on the way.”